About Personalised Product Consultants

As a consultancy, we provide professional advice specifically for B2B companies, for instance, hotels, restaurants and pop-up shops, who require personalised tea, coffee, sugar and other products. Projects include corporate events, product launches, and sales promotion.

Overview of our services:

  • Clients in the UK hospitality sector
  •  International clients based in Bahrain, Dubai, Los Angeles, Sweden, France, Germany, Malta and The Republic of Ireland
  • End-to-end project management including design, artwork, selection of packaging, fulfilment, labelling and distribution
  • Advice on labelling regulations
  • Specialist supply partners with a range of packaging machinery
  • Full accreditation from all supply partners
  • A proven track record
We are here to help you find the right solution for your personalisation project.
About Barry O’Dwyer

Barry studied Typography at Maidstone College of Art and school of printing. One day, his whole mindset was blown wide open by a visiting tutor fresh from The Royal College of Art, who was to become Britain’s most famous painter, David Hockney.
Conversation at college with Hockney was always interspersed with ‘the way I see it’. Thirty-three years later, I was given a copy of his impassioned autobiography, aptly entitled “That’s the Way I See it.”
Hockney inspired Barry, because at the time he behaved in an unconventional and controversial way. From this, Barry learned to always question the way things were expected to be done and enjoy experimenting with new ways of thinking and doing things.

Barry has spent his entire career within the creative and marketing sector. As a result of working in advertising, design, publishing and the pharmaceutical industry, his knowledge, experience and track record has enabled him to personally design and publish over thirty books.

Books designed/published by Barry O’Dwyer

Superbrands – An Insight into 50 of the World’s Superbrands
Design Renaissance – Papers from an International Design Congress
JCB – The First 50 years
The World’s 100 Best Posters
The Best Ads Never Seen
The ArtBuyer – Photography and Illustrators Directory
Sweet Branding
The Supreme Sugar Service