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Get creative with coffee: introducing the pyramid

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We’ve been personalising tea, coffee, sugar and other beverage products for some years now, so when it comes to packaging, we know what works and what doesn’t. And we’re always excited when something innovative comes onto the market. Something that simply makes sense.

Individual coffee servings have traditionally been packaged in sachets, sticks, capsules, and even mini jars, all of which are restricted to instant coffee. A few years ago, however, coffee bags entered the market, allowing servings of real coffee to be brewed directly in the cup for the first time. According to a recent article in The Caterer, coffee bags are a “groundbreaking innovation in a saturated market”.

Say goodbye to instant

Several major coffee brands are on board with the idea and have launched their own coffee bags. You may have seen the current Taylors of Harrogate TV ad campaign celebrating the advent of coffee bags. In fact, they have a whole range which “brews in two minutes”. Meanwhile, Nescafé has introduced the Azera bag; and coffee producer Lincoln & York claims the coffee bag business is currently growing at 40%.

Recognising a bright future in the product, Drury Tea & Coffee has taken coffee bag production one step further.  apping into the hotel industry by providing individually wrapped bags to deliver the ultimate in-bedroom facilities. The company has found that the bags are so popular that hotel guests often contact them directly to ask where they can buy their own coffee bags.

Today, however, manufacturers are offering brands an even better way of serving ground coffee to their customers in the form of the pyramid bag. It’s been done with sugar, and it’s been done with tea, so it was inevitable that coffee would one day make it into pyramid packaging. So what’s so great about the pyramid?

Percolate with pyramids

Put simply, the pyramid is a revolutionary 3D bag containing fresh ground coffee which brews even faster than its 2D counterpart. And just like using a cafetière, coffee drinkers soon get to know how long to infuse the bag to achieve the optimum strength. With no need for a grinder or cafetière, and no mess to clean up afterwards, individual pyramid bags are ideal for those who prefer ground coffee but don’t have the time to brew it, for instance, coffee-lovers on the go, or perhaps holidaymakers or business travellers staying in hotels. Quality ground coffee in pyramid bags has a vastly improved taste compared with a flat bag. By using the right blend, coffee companies can produce a great flavour that permeates through the bag with a just small amount of coffee.

For companies who are considering branding their coffee servings to reach this type of target audience, the pyramid bag is a marketing opportunity not to missed. At Personalised Product Consultants, we are now able to offer freshly ground coffee in biodegradable pyramid bags, which can be packed into single-serve personalised envelopes. Just like our tea bag range, we can offer pyramids with a MOQ of 6,000. Customers can choose from Brazilian Sanchos, Colombian, Guatemalan, Ethiopian or Kenyan. Pyramids are individually wrapped in personalised sachets measuring 90x90mm, metallic silver or white, airtight for maximum sealed-in freshness in each brew, and printed with your own graphics in a range of one to four colours.

So now – whether as part of a specific campaign offering a discount or other marketing message, or simply to get your logo out there – you can produce your own branded ground coffee pyramid bags to reach your customers wherever they are. This could include hotel rooms, restaurants, train stations, airports, shopping malls, spas, offices, coworking spaces, serviced apartments, cruise ships, the list goes on. With high-quality B&Bs, country house hotels, and AirB&Bs already starting to use major-brand-named coffee bags – viz Drury Tea & Coffee – why not put your own brand on the packet instead?

So there we have it: small coffee quantities, coupled with biodegradable packaging, results in a truly eco-friendly, cost-effective way of delivering a fresh brew directly to the consumer, with minimal wastage and maximum branding.

If you’d like to find out more about how to personalise your pyramids, contact us today at or phone us on 0845 2300 134.

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