Bancroft Dentistry Lipbalm

Personalised Lipbalm

Say ‘thanks for your business’ . . . 
Give your customers a personalised lip-balm, giving the perception of a thoughtful and caring giver. As a premium product it will give your customers maximum lip protection when outdoors. Every time it’s used, awareness of your brand is guaranteed.
Customers will notice the pleasant vanilla taste and will quickly appreciate the soothing effect of their lips being moisturised by a quality lip balm. The secret effect is that it that only contains the best natural ingredients, including Beeswax, olive oil, shea butter and Vitamin E.
  •  Keeps your branding in front of the user -every time it’s used (for months)
  • Available in 16 coloured tubes, plastic jars and aluminium tins.
  • Your own graphics printed in any colour you wish.
  • Gives maximum lip protection for your customers – no cracked lips!
  • Your brand on a premium product that doesn’t dry up like cheap lip balms
  • Brand Assurance – products have been dermatologically and independently tested.
  • The minimum order quantity is just 300 lip balms